Visiting the Museum of the Koźle Region

Visiting the Museum of the Koźle Region

– Entry to the Museum is free of charge. Monetary donations can be made only by bank transfer. The data for the transfer can be found on the Museum’s website.

– The Museum is located in the former south wing of the Castle of the Silesian Piasts in Koźle, below the castle courtyard and the Observation Tower.

– In the Museum, you can see the exhibits related to the Koźle Region and the town of Kędzierzyn-Koźle. These exhibits are original. In some cases, replicas are presented, which is mentioned in the descriptions.

– Please do not touch the exhibits.

– Please do not enter the technical rooms.

– Photography and filming are allowed without a flash.

– The main entrance to the Museum is located in the courtyard of the Castle Hill.

– For individuals in wheelchairs, the entrance from the parking lot is opened after the Reception has been informed.

– The Museum’s offices can be found in the tower located in the southwest corner of the Castle Hill.

– Please leave bikes and other vehicles attached to the bicycle stand in the courtyard.

– The Reception provides information regarding the tour and the events held at the Museum and sells souvenirs.

– Starting from the Reception, the tour can proceed in two directions: either to the observation tower or to the museum halls situated below the courtyard.

– The tour in the Museum can begin half an hour before closing at the latest.

– The order of the tour is indicated by the numbered boards complementing the exhibition.

– Restrooms are located on the lowest floor of the Museum, next to the staircase.

– Coat hangers for the visitors can be found near the restrooms. The Museum does not take responsibility for items left there.


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